Shareholder information

Shares In Issue

As at 31 March 2021, the number of shares in issue, excluding 73,922 shares held as treasury shares, was 2,786,570,787

Major Shareholders

As at 31 March 2021, based on last TR-1 received, the major shareholders are as follows:


Number or Ordinary Shares

% of issued Ordinary Shares

Mercuria Energy Group Limited 2,329,762,468 83.60*
José Luis Manzano and family  111,446,170  4.00**

*Note: Mercuria Energy Group holds the above shares in the company through its subsidiaries Upstream Capital Partners VI Limited (1,924,634,982 shares), Mercuria Asset Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited (340,939,181 shares) and Mercuria Energy Asset Management B.V. (64,188,305 shares).

**Note: These shares in the company are held through Vetalir International S.A. (established as a trust, the beneficiaries of which are the family of José Luis Manzano) (79,328,285 shares), Integra Capital USA LLC (12,162,250 shares), Integra Capital SA (7,156,625) and directly by José Luis Manzano (12,799,010 shares).

Shares not in public hands

In the terms of AIM Rules published March 2018 and insofar as it is aware, at 31 March 2021, 83.69% of the company’s AIM securities was not in public hands.

Restrictions in transfer of AIM securities

There are no restrictions on the transfer of the company’s AIM securities.

Other exchanges and trading platforms

The Ordinary Shares of the company are listed and trade on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange under the ticker PGR.

UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers

As an AIM traded UK registered company, Phoenix Global Resources plc is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers legislation.